Je bent op zoek naar een psycholoog, psychotherapeut, coach, of je hebt een vraag? Wij hopen je zo goed mogelijk verder te kunnen helpen. Bij Psychologen Praktijk Leuven staan we als klinisch psychologen en psychotherapeuten klaar voor  volwassenen met verschillende klachten en vragen. Zo bieden we individuele therapie en groepstherapie aan. Lees gerust verder en aarzel niet ons te contacteren via het contact form if you have any questions or if you wish to make an appointment.

Info corona measures:

We offer face-to-face sessies aan en dit heeft ook onze voorkeur. Videochat is mogelijk wanneer je symptomen hebt van corona of als het eens door omstandigheden beter zou passen.

For the face-to-face sessions we take extra measures to disinfect and ventilate the practice, and by maintaining a safe distance throughout the appointment. These measures are in accordance with the advice of the Flemish Federation of Psychologists (VVKP).

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What are our areas of expertise?

We have various areas of expertise, and a few of these areas are:

It might be hard to describe your symptoms, you might recognize multiple symptoms on the list, or you might not know which psychologist is better suited for you. We have provided extra explanation for some of these symptoms, so you can click on a few of these symptoms in the list above. We will try to provide an English translation for these pages, as soon as possible. You also might feel that your symptoms are not severe enough to contact a psychologist. Your symptoms are your personal experience, and your truth, so there is no need to compare yourself with other people or problems. If you feel like you can't get through your problems or symptoms by yourself then it can help to reach out to a psychologist. Feel free to contact us via the contact form and we will be glad to help you in any way we can.

Who are we?

Our psychologists have completed their master in Clinical Psychology, and are certified by the Psychologencommissie.

Finn Li
Clinical psychologist
Finn Li areas of expertise: addiction, ADHD, perfectionism, stress, depression, anxiety, study problems, burn-out, low self-esteem. Language: Dutch, English, and Chinese. Certification number: 891118342.Email: finn.li1989@gmail.com
Penelope Makris
Clinical psychologist
Penelope Makris areas of expertise: depression, anxiety, panic, assertiveness, stress, burn-out/bore-out, selfconfidence, grief, loss of own capabilities, dementia. Language: Dutch, English, and Greek. Certification number: 912115163. Email: penelope.makris91@gmail.com

Vision of Psychologen Praktijk Leuven

The psychologist and you work together to reach your personal goals. The therapy is a collaboration, we think and search together for the most suited way to change what you need in your personal environment. You might not yet have a clear view of what your goals or expectations are for the therapy? We will search together what this might be for you. The therapy is about you, at your own pace.

What is a psychologist?

A psychologist is a person who has completed the study of psychology. The title psychologist is a protected title, this means that only the people who have completed the master of psychology, and have the certification of the commission of psychologists can practice this profession. The psychologists of Psychologen Praktijk Leuven are certified.

Appointments can be planned during the day, and in the evening. For an appointment you can contact us via the contact form of via het emailadres van de psycholoog. Je krijgt binnen één werkdag antwoord op je mail en er wordt rekening gehouden met je tijdstip naar keuze.  Er is ook een gratis parking voorzien aan de praktijk.